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Howard Pounall Jr.

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Howard Pounall Jr.

Howard Pounall Jr. is a second-generation REALTOR® who has the experience and local know-how to help you make the best possible decisions. As the son of a highly successful real estate professional, Howard Jr. not only inherited exposure to real estate, but also developed a keen aptitude stemming from his sincere interest, knowledge and experience in the industry. He is dedicated to listening intently and matching individuals and families with the properties, buildings and neighborhoods that best suit their needs. Howard Jr. has a passion for exotic cars, a love for food and keeping up to date on the latest flicks.

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Cellphone 403-613-3067

The Pounall Team


This dynamic trio is a one-stop-shop! Complete with Rainmaker, Gardener and Closer, this team gets the job done from start to finish. Comprised of a father and son duo, Howard Sr. and Howard Jr. are kept finely tuned by team member Jaclyn Hutchinson. The Pounall Team combines exceptional, client-focused real estate services with friendly customer care understanding that buying and selling is one of the biggest decisions in a client’s life. They view their representation and guidance of their clients through this process as a true privilege.

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